Summit Route Management Plus Proof! Mobility™

Dec 17, 2019 - Antioch, CA


Ritam Technologies, LLC, of Antioch, CA, announces the pending release of its latest product: Summit Route Management Plus Proof! Mobility™ (“Summit Plus”). This new product takes the benefits of Summit Route Management™ to your mobile devices – Your routes, now mobile.


As announced in the November 1 press release regarding Summit Route Management™, this product addresses the specific needs of the liquid and solid waste industries, with unique features that other programs, particularly website based approaches, are not designed to provide. Summit Plus takes that foundation and adds dispatch management, mobility, tracking, and customer communication to the mix.


With a heavy emphasis on interactive status updates and simplicity of use, Summit Plus provides key features for office personnel, supervisors, technicians, and customers. Office personnel may view maps showing the status of each job site on each route scheduled for the day, including the current technician location.


Supervisors have access to the same status map views, but they also may receive emergency instant messages from technicians as issues arise in the field. This keeps supervisors informed and able to respond in a timely manner where there attention is required.


Technicians have image-oriented selections to choose from, including voice navigation, map views, work order details, special instructions, and more. They may also effortlessly update their status to keep all players informed. Simply tap to select. Additionally, instant messages may be sent to customers, keeping them in the loop for status changes: Running late, arriving early, service completed, complications in completing service, etc. Again, simply tap to select, and send. The customer will receive a text message, email, or no contact, according to their preferences.


Best of all: No typing is required to send messages. All content is determined by office personnel, and the technician simply selects the appropriate message to convey to customers and supervisors. This prevents spelling and grammatical errors, ensuring that the company identity is properly presented in all external communications.


Summit Plus goes beyond mobile routing and with limited effort, adds layers for status updates and customer communication. Additionally, customers may view activities relating to their job sites through secure access to a special Proof of Service web portal.


With over 35 years of industry experience, Ritam Technologies has applied its inside knowledge to produce a superior, industry-specific route management product that truly addresses the needs of the industry.


For further information, contact Mark Billings at 925-478-2732 (Int’l) or 800-662-8471 (US/Canada);


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