Summit Service System™ Pro edition

Dec 17, 2018 - Antioch, CA


Ritam Technologies, LLC, of Antioch, CA, announces the pending release of its latest version of Summit Service System™, Pro edition (“Summit Service”). With over 35 years of industry experience, Ritam Technologies has applied its inside knowledge to produce a superior, cost effective customer service, operations management, and accounting product that truly addresses the needs of the industry.


This new version takes advantage of the “drag & drop” schedule calendar and instant Google® map views of Summit Service Reminders Plus Dispatch™, upon which this Pro edition is based. (See “Featured Product” information on the Plus edition product.) Summit Service then adds billing, customer accounting, vastly expanded work order information, manifest and disposal tracking, and extensive reporting features. It also has a mobile add-on for dispatching, tracking, customer notifications, and more. (See December 17 press release for more details on Summit Proof! Mobility™.)


There are many software products to choose from to perform standard work orders, task management, billing, and even dispatching. But very few products are tuned to the liquid waste industry like Summit Service. It includes work orders, diagrams, tank information, repeat service reminders, manifests, disposal, auto-repeat, as well as scheduling, dispatching, billing, and customer accounting functions with reporting. In short, it performs operations that other products simply don’t, and it contains those features in one seamless, simple operation from a single point of entry.


It even has an option for Customer Account Web Portal where customers securely log in and perform 4 main functions:


- Change account settings (address, phone, etc.)

- Review/print invoices and statements

- Make secure on-line payments

- Request service


...all with zero setup time for your company!


Starting with the Pro edition, users may upsize to Deluxe or Premium editions whenever ready to add inventory control (multi-warehouse, mobile warehouse), grease collection reimbursements, and more...and the existing Summit data comes along! When coming to Summit from a competitive product, Ritam may be able to import data directly into Summit, saving weeks of manual labor. Summit will get you on top and keep you on top of your business growth and management.


For further information, contact Mark Billings at 925-478-2732 (Int’l) or 800-662-8471 (US/Canada);


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Ritam Technologies, LLC

Ritam Technologies has been supporting the liquid waste industry with software since 1981. We are your industry experts in the software business, providing the Summit family of products. We have over a dozen software products ranging from the specific-purpose Summit Service Reminders™ and Summit Route Management™, to mobile apps for routing and dispatch management, inventory control and proof of service with Summit Proof!™, billing systems (Summit Rental System™ and Summit Service System™) for all aspects of the liquid and solid waste industries, and general software such as Summit Fleet Maintenance™.

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