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Jan 15, 2019


Specialist sewer rehabilitation machine manufacturer and supplier ProKASRO has been steadily growing since its es-tablishment more than 18 years ago. The company has taken a step towards an inter-national production facility, after opening its first US ser-vice centre.


ProKASRO Mechatronik was founded in August 2000, when the development, produc-tion and sales were taken over in a management buy-out. At that time the company consisted of just 30 employees. Since that time, the company has continued a steady and healthy growth, in part fostered by the comple-tion of a 10.000m² facility for the com-pany’s operations in 2006, which included a 3.000m² production area. As a medium-sized organisation, the vision of the company was to grow to a full range manufacturer and supplier of speciality sewer rehabilitation products.


This vision has since become reality, with ProKASRO now providing working robots, systems for lateral intake rehabilitation, UV technology and CCTV inspection systems to customers in Germany, Europe, Asia and America.


Coming to America

Instead of resting on its laurels, ProKASRO has taken this vision a step further. In November 2017, the company launched its first wholly owned service centre in Cen-tennial, Colorado under the name “ProKASRO Services USA, Inc.” (abbreviated PSU) constituting a major milestone towards the ultimate goal of eventually establishing its own production site in the US.

The service centre set up for action

Entrance area of PSU in Centennial

Since the service centre’s the team has worked tire-lessly to develop the facility from what began as an empty unit to a fully func-tioning service centre. The facility is up and running, having already received and processed several customer orders. At the end of June, the company reached an-other landmark and was able to deliver the first UV CCU container extension to one of its Canadian customers. Daily business consists of small equipment repairs and parts dispatch, while trained service technicians are employed at PSU and, if required, can be sent directly to cus-tomers within the US, where they can repair systems on site.
The ProKASRO’s American team currently consists of four people. Offices, storage and repair workshops have been set up in a 500m² facility where the complete range of spare parts and rental systems are available.


Advantages for US costumers

Due to the easier and shorter delivery time and the smaller time differences within the US, customers can expect an expedited service. Spare part deliveries can be processed and transported to custom-ers quickly, and repairs can be carried out efficiently by qualified service technicians.

While the Service Centre in Centennial is ProKASRO’s first own trading post in the US, the company says it has more locations planned for the near future.

You can henceforth reach us in the U.S. at the following number: + 1 833-682-4578 and the following mail addresses:,
Contact person: Jason Green, Kenneth Ebenhoch
New logo on freshly laminated PSU van
Repair workshops in the new premises


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ProKASRO Services USA, Inc.

The name of ProKASRO stands for progressive sewer rehabilitation robotic systems and is the market leader in the area of sewer and pipeline rehabilitation equipment manufacture. ProKASRO has developed tailor-made solutions to rehabilitate pipes and sewers including pneumatic, electric and hydraulic robotic cutters, laminated cap placement (top hat) systems, resin injection and UV technology

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