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Jan 13, 2020


The Multi-Flex™ 118 and 119 Series Packer Carriers are manufactured for almost any diameter and length. Configurations are available  for air hot water and steam cure., without a Flow-Thru By-Pass. They have the flexibility, small deflated size,  and light weight to to navigate through a manhole or confined spaces. Configurations can be provided for most relining requirements  and may be customized to meet a 
customer's specific requirements.   


4" to 24" 116 Series Multi-Flex™ Lateral Joint "T" Packers are available for almost and adameter combination amd length. Thye have the flexibility and light weight to ease installation and speed point repair projects. Flexibility allows the Carrier Packer to be pulled through a confined spaces either from the main line or the lateral. Configurations can be customized to meet a customer's specific requirements. 


2.6" to 12.25"  130-5 Series Point Repair Packer Carriers are well-suited for most point repair systems. Available for pipe sizes 4" to 12". Tese carriers are known for both their durability and reliability. 1/4" npt inflation port with male quick connect. Custom lengths are available upon request. Sizes 6" and larger have an integrated cage/wheel assembly, 2" bypass, unique centered inflation port for use with push rod inflation poles, and a wire harness to keep the unit centered in pipe. 


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Petersen is all about providing solutions. We produce numerous standard tunnel and pipeline products, but also develop many customized and unique systems for almost any requirement. Our engineers will help you configure your system and we can provide technical service and support by phone or on-site. Call 1-262-692-3100 or email us with your questions or requirements. We look forward to helping you find the right tunnel and pipeline products that meet your requirements.

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