News Release Petersen® Multi-Flex™ Line Stop Plugging Systems

Jan 13, 2020


Petersen® has two Multi-Flex™ Line Stop Plugging Systems for insertion through a small hot tap into a larger pressurized pipeline.  


The 128 Series system installs a plug downstream of the tap. This system will allow bypass through the hot tap or nozzle insertion point to allow flow to continue and reduce the buildup of head pressure.  The 128 Series system will allow a smaller tap size than the 129 Series system.  


The 129 Series Line Stop Plug installs directly below the hot tap or nozzle and can be made for much higher pressure than the 128 Series system.  


With both systems the installation is easy. Simply install a hot tap sleeve and full port valve, make the hot tap as usual, replace the hot tap equipment with a plug launch cylinder, push the plug into place with an inflation ram, and inflate the plug. Instructions and on-site technical support are available from Petersen.   


Custom configurations are available for most size, pressure, temperature, and chemical requirements. 


Petersen® has many other mechanical and inflatable plugging systems for installing through a riser or manhole. The Mechanical Plugs are available for almost any requirement. Many of Petersen® Inflatable Plugs may be inflated with water, air or nitrogen.  


Visit our website and email us at  Call Petersen 1-800-926-1926 for all your pipeline plugging requirements.  We hope to see you at OTC booth number 4803. 

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