AQUAPHON® A 150 – compact – universal – reliable

Oct 29, 2019


The AQUAPHON® is a water leak detection system without rival. The A 150 receiver together with the market-tested microphone technology of the AQUAPHON® A 200 system allows professional prelocation and the precise pinpointing of leaks. The receiver’s clever, compact design and maximum carrying comfort are star qualities. Connected to high-end microphones and wireless headphones, the A 150 impresses with its brilliant reproduction quality. In addition, noises are visualised on the display so that they can be reliably and uniquely evaluated. Thanks to adjustable filters and automatic frequency scanning, frequency ranges can be individually adapted to the user's hearing. Influences from sound interference are minimised, and the sound quality is optimised for reliable evaluation of the leak situation.


Very comfortable to carry, perfect handling

Its practical dimensions and light weight make the compact A 150 receiver perfect for everyday use. Instead of using the carrying strap, it can also be conveniently clipped onto the wearer's belt. For users this means effortless carrying and greater freedom of movement, as there is nothing to get in the way of leak detection! One of the particularly practical features is the display with its optimised tilt angle, which makes it consistently easy to read. The screen automatically rotates 180° depending on how it is carried. The TS 150 carrying rod offers maximum convenience and speed when it comes to changing the microphone. The AQUAPHON® A 150 can be effortlessly adapted to all kinds of conditions and requirements.


Efficient prelocation and pinpointing

The A 150 receiver is designed for prelocation along fittings or pinpointing on different surfaces – either outdoors or in buildings. Measurements can be started or terminated using the activation key. Current and previous minimum noise levels are shown both as a graph and a numerical readout on the practical display. Volume, filter limits and hearing-protection can be adjusted to the hearing of the individual user to optimum effect.


Reliable results and availability

The high-quality piezo microphones feature a frequency response especially optimised for leak detection. Digital signal processing also offers excellent acoustic properties. Thanks to the excellent sound quality and minimisation of sound interference, you can reliably identify and locate leaks, even if the sound intensity of the leak is weak or there is significant ambient noise.


The AQUAPHON® A 150 receiver automatically calculates the filters and selects suitable frequency ranges. Alternatively, you can set manual filter limits according to your individual hearing and select frequency ranges which accentuate the leak noise. The powerful rechargeable battery also guarantees maximum availability without recharging for at least two working days.


AQUAPHON® A 150 microphone technology

The TM 200 touch microphone has been specially developed for prelocation along fittings in the pipe network. Its frequency response allows the reliable detection of muted and low-pitched noises, as tend to occur on plastic pipes. But it also reliably plays back loud and high-pitched leak noises on metal pipelines.


The probe tip and different extensions ensure optimum adjustment to structural conditions in all pipe networks. The TM 200 features a torch function, which is automatically activated on the AQUAPHON® A 150 for secure positioning on key rods, for example in dark slide gate covers.


The UM 200 microphone for picking up structure-borne noise features a very wide frequency response and is extremely sensitive in the low frequency range. This makes the UM 200 perfect for recording even the quietest noises, particularly on plastic pipes. The cable is extremely robust and can withstand heavy mechanical loads. This guarantees a very long service life in daily use, even under the harshest of conditions.


The BM 200 ground microphone is ideal for paved surfaces. The robust housing is detached from the actual microphone capsule for optimum effect. A lifting mechanism ensures consistently perfect contact with the ground so that small surface bumps no longer affect results.


The BM 230 ground microphone is ideal for unpaved surfaces. The solid tripod ensures a consistently secure position. If the ground is particularly soft, an extra spike can be screwed in to ensure even better noise transmission.


Universal sensor interface

A star knob and the sturdy form-fitted holder create a secure connection between the microphones and the T 150 carrying rod. The sensor interface on the carrying rod reliably detects the various microphones. The TS 150 can, therefore, perform the two roles for which a special test rod and the carrying rod for ground microphones were previously required. It records the relevant microphones depending on the application. The TS 150 does not need to be charged. The microphones are powered by a high-performance rechargeable battery in the A 150 receiver, which guarantees operation for at least 16 hours.


The system case offers sufficient space to safely hold all components of the system. Both the receiver and the F8 wireless headphones can be simultaneously charged. Charging equipment is available for the measuring vehicle as well as the workshop or office.


The AQUAPHON® A 150 fits seamlessly into the AQUAPHON® SYSTEM product family, offering a third option for electro-acoustic water leak detection between the Aquaphon® A 50 and the AQUAPHON® A 200.

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