AQUAPHON® A 200 – professional – flexible – intelligent Ideal for detecting leaks in water pipe networks

Oct 29, 2019


When it comes to detecting leaks in water pipes by electro-acoustic means, the hearing and experience of the user are paramount. The AQUAPHON® system supports and simplifies this detection process thanks to the outstanding quality of its microphone and measuring technology, intelligent analysis functions and the practical, visual representation of results on the display. Leaks can now be detected more reliably than ever before.


This cutting-edge system offers users comfortable, wireless handling, ease of use, versatility and a sturdy, ergonomic design. The AQUAPHON® system is ideal for both prelocating and pinpointing leaks for confident excavation and can cope with all leak detection challenges.


Professional technology for challenging tasks


The high quality piezo microphones with a frequency response specially optimised for leak detection and digital signal processing guarantee excellent acoustic properties. Thanks to its brilliant sound quality and minimisation of sound interference, leaks can be reliably identified and located, even if the acoustic intensity of the leak is low or there is loud ambient noise.


At the touch of a button the AQUAPHON® A 200 receiver calculates filters tailored to the current noises and automatically selects suitable frequency ranges. Alternatively, the AQUAPHON® allows you to set filter limits manually to suit your individual hearing and select frequency ranges that highlight the leak noise. This allows users to concentrate fully on the leak without any sound interference.


In addition, leak noises can be recorded using the integrated audio player and compared with each other. This allows you to create a noise database to help you analyse leak noises on site. This function can also be used for training purposes.


A full charge of the integrated Li-ion rechargeable battery in the AQUAPHON® A 200 receiver, the F6 wireless headphones and the TS 200 carrying rod is enough for a full day’s work. The AQUAPHON® system makes an important contribution to fatigue-free, back-friendly working. The TS 200 carrying rod with its balanced, ergonomic design fits snugly into your hand. The flexible carrying system for the receiver with two cross belts can be adjusted individually and allows for various carrying positions.


Flexible use


The high protection class IP67 of the AQUAPHON® A 200 receiver keeps the user safe, even in extreme environmental conditions. The receiver is impervious to dirt, dust and moisture. The TM 200 touch microphone used for prelocation even works continuously under water thanks to its IP 68 protection class.


The symmetrical housing of the AQUAPHON® A 200 receiver, means that it can be operated by both right-handed and left-handed users with ease. The user has an overview of everything: the clear 5.7 inch receiver display shows the current acoustic intensity both in a graph and as a numeric value. The previous values are displayed alongside for comparison purposes, as well as the current frequency analysis of the noise.


Intelligent system in practice


The AQUAPHON® system is completely wireless as the TS 200 carrying rod, AQUAPHON® A 200 receiver and F6 wireless headphones communicate by Sewerin Digital Radio (SDR). Not only does this allow incredible freedom of movement, but it also offers the user a much greater sound quality without interference from swinging cables.


The system is operated without buttons or switches using the sturdy VGA display with touch screen. This offers excellent readability, even in strong sunshine, and can also be operated with gloves. The display is clear and features large, distinct symbols.


The AQUAPHON® A 200 receiver guides the user through the various applications with instructions, which means that even less experienced and occasional users can operate the device reliably.


The customisable hearing-protection offers additional safety: if there is any sudden loud interference noise, for example from passing vehicles, or if the microphone slips off the valve rod extension, the signal in the headphones can either be muted or completely switched off. Once the source of interference goes quiet, the hearing protection automatically switches back off again.


If you would like to find out more, SEWERIN's sales engineers would be delighted to come to your premises to present the AQUAPHON® system, or you can find us at one of the many events the company will be attending over the coming months.


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