Two products from SEWERIN for professional water leak detection

Oct 29, 2019


The SeCorr® C 200 and SeCorrPhon AC 200 working in conjunction for perfect water leak detection:


easy-to-read measurement value display and automated filter selection

Hermann Sewerin GmbH has developed two devices for professional water leak detection: the SeCorr® C 200 and the SeCorrPhon AC 200. The portable high-performance SeCorr® C 200 correlator enables leaks in underground pipelines to be pinpointed reliably, quickly and accurately and with a high degree of automation so that you only excavate in exactly the right location. The SeCorrPhon AC 200 combines the characteristics of the correlator with acoustic water leak detection: prelocation, pinpointing and correlation in one single system.


Both new products – the SeCorr® C 200 and the SeCorrPhon AC 200 – are based on the tried and tested housing and hardware concept of the AQUAPHON® A 200 by SEWERIN. Each is ideal for use for leak detection across all sections, materials, diameters and lengths of pipelines. Numerous additional functions are also available for complex location scenarios – whatever your leak detection requirements, these two new products will fulfil all of them.


SeCorr® C 200:

leak detection without the need for close listening


The SeCorr® C 200 correlator measures the noise caused by a leak in a pipeline simultaneously through two separate fittings. The highly-sensitive UM 200 microphones detect the noise at the hydrant or slide gate, and the RT 200 radio transmitter then sends the signals to the correlator. The correlator in turn calculates the run time difference between the two measuring points, thereby pinpointing the exact location of the leak based on data on the pipe such as the length, material and diameter, which the operator can program in advance. The calculation of measurement values with the help of correlation eliminates the need for close listening from the user and is practically unaffected by external sound interference.


The sophisticated firmware in the SeCorr® C 200 means that the measurement sequence is almost fully automatic. All the user needs to do is enter certain pipeline parameters into the clearly-structured and easy-to-use interface and start the measurement – the rest of the process is fully automated. The incoming signals are constantly analysed and the device selects the optimal filter settings.


With the SeCorr® C 200, clear information on the exact position of the leak can be read easily off the screen – gone are the days of needing to interpret and evaluate mathematical data and graphs to locate the issue. As a result, the user can immediately implement further steps, e.g. confirm the location by acoustic means. The display even gives the user information on the quality of the calculations, and as a result the reliability of the measurement.


The SeCorr® C 200 has a 5.7 inch, high-resolution VGA display, and the touch screen can even be used when wearing gloves. Thanks to its protection class (certified with an IP 67 rating), the correlator can be used in all weather conditions and carried effortlessly thanks to its triangular belt. A high-performance lithium-ion rechargeable battery ensures uninterrupted use for a whole working day.


The SeCorr® C 200 truly reflects the very latest technological standards thanks to its diverse additional functions, automatic filter and results-oriented measurement value display. Professional, flexible water leak detection.


SeCorrPhon AC 200:

the right all-in-one device for prelocation, pinpointing and correlation


The SeCorrPhon AC 200 is an all-in-one device for leak detection which brings together the three important functions of prelocation, pinpointing and correlation in one single, functional system. Users can react to any location scenario, even in the most challenging of conditions. Switching between the different functions or processes is simple and fast.


The SeCorrPhon AC 200 provides all of the aforementioned functions, as well as the special features of the SeCorr® C 200 for accurate correlation.


The SeCorrPhon AC 200 also makes structure-borne and ground-borne noises caused by leaks from water pipes audible to the human ear. The frequency spectrum is traced and made visible on the device, and the current acoustic intensity is shown as both a graph and numeric readout. The user can also see the pre-calculated volume settings and the current frequency analysis of the device on the display at all times.


During the preliminary detection stage, the TS 200 carrying rod and TM 200 touch microphone are placed on fittings along the pipeline to evaluate the volume. With the help of the noise intensity, you can identify the section of pipeline where the leak is likely to be.


To then carry out the pinpointing of the leak, the user uses the TS 200 carrying rod and BM 200 (for paved surfaces) or BM 230 (for unpaved surfaces) ground microphone on the section found during the preliminary detection stage. The SeCorrPhon AC 200 transmits the acoustic signals and shows the intensity as a graph on the screen, pinpointing the leak with sufficient accuracy to allow confident excavation.


The acoustic features of the piezo microphone are outstanding: even the faintest of leaks or leaks occurring in noisy environments can be identified and detected. At the touch of a button, the SeCorrPhon AC 200 will apply tailored filters to the current noises and will automatically select the appropriate frequency ranges. Filter limits can also be adjusted to accentuate the leak noise and to permit improved comparability between recordings (e.g. for use in databases or teaching/presentation purposes).


Diverse system components


The SeCorr® system comes with numerous different accessories for the SeCorr® C 200 and SeCorrPhon AC 200: the system case holds a SeCorr® C 200 receiver, two RT 200 radio transmitters, two UM 200 microphones for picking up structure-borne noise and other optional accessories, keeping them safe and easy to transport.


The SeCorrPhon AC 200 system case can hold the same components, plus two BM 200 or BM 230 ground microphones, a TM 200 touch microphone, a TS 200 carrying rod, F8 wireless headphones and other optional accessories. HY 200 hydrophones can be transported in a separate case.


The SeCorr® C 200 and SeCorrPhon AC 200 will be available from October 2017. Please contact your local SEWERIN team or distribution partner to arrange a demonstration.


Hermann Sewerin GmbH


Hermann Sewerin GmbH, with its headquarters located in Guetersloh, Germany, is the leader in gas and water leak detection. With its top-level products and services, this family-run company is the ideal partner to the gas and water supply industry both in Germany and abroad. For over 90 years, SEWERIN has been developing, constructing, testing and manufacturing innovative measuring instruments, with the made in Germany quality its customers have grown to expect. We also offer gas and water leak detection teams, a stationary and mobile device maintenance service, the fitting out of emergency and leakage service vehicles and the servicing and repair of home installations.

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