Robotic water jetter effectively removes failed liner

Feb 11, 2020


Problem: A relining contractor in Empfingen, Germany, lined a 16-inch clay pipe with a 5 mm fiberglass liner with 1 million psi flexural modulus and it failed. Subsequently, they relined it with an undersized 5 mm fiberglass liner, which then failed too. The municipality now had to remove 10 mm of failed 16-inch liner 200 feet long.


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Solution: I.S.T. North America was in the process of developing a robotic water jet cutter designed to work effectively in these sorts of situations. For this application, they decided to use a two-beam model. The robot provides up to 43,000 psi of water cutting power. They determined that only 26,000 psi at a flow rate of 6.8 gpm was needed to pierce the fiberglass and rip it apart while preventing damage to the host pipe. After the first day of training, they chose a cutting style of three-piece cross sections and removed the long strips with a jet truck. 


Result: It took only three days to fully remove the 200-foot section of double-lined 16-inch fiberglass liner. 212-419-0069;

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