Zoeller’s Center For Excellence

Jan 30, 2019


Zoeller Pump Company is a big supporter of education and training, whether it be for someone brand new to the business or a seasoned pump expert. In order to offer support internally within Zoeller Company, to support those representing the Zoeller brand out in the field, and in an effort to reach out to those who might not know about Zoeller products at all, the Center For Excellence was built. In 2015, the doors to the Center were opened for the first time; and since then, Zoeller has hosted more than 330 trainings and 9,000 individuals. 

Training experiences at the CFE are tailored to cover the specific topics that most interest you and your customers, and Zoeller is happy to host anyone, whether it’s just for a day to take a factory tour, or for a week to get down into detail about Zoeller’s products, processes, and support tools. Gain first-hand experience in the unique and varied aspects of pump manufacturing and specification at Zoeller’s 6,000 ft2 facility. In the demonstration room, industry professionals offer live demonstrations and computer simulations of Zoeller’s latest products and core concepts. Lift stations including active controls are designed to demonstrate the how and why of pump technology. A state-of-the-art classroom provides space for lectures and group discussions with a library of cutaway models for reference. To book a date on the CFE calendar, just contact your local Zoeller Representative, who you can locate through the Where To Buy section of the Zoeller site.


Zoeller takes great pride in their products and practices and wants to inspire that same passion for Zoeller products in each of their visitors.

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Well known for their workhorse sump pumps, Zoeller Company offers solutions for dewatering, effluent, sewage, wastewater treatment, and potable water in residential, commercial or industrial applications through six distinct brands and vast products lines.  All Zoeller Company products are designed, machined and assembled in the United States. Every unit is 100% factory-tested. Founded in 1939, Zoeller Company is one of the oldest independently-owned, professional pump manufacturers in North America. Headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky USA, Zoeller Company has over 800 employees worldwide and sells products into over 50 countries around the globe. When it has to be the best, it has to be a Zoeller pump.

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