Superior Smoke Fluid Systems Find Faults and Sources of Surface Inflow in Mainline Sewers

Feb 14, 2019 - Old Bridge NJ


Superior® Smoke Fluid Systems are used to find faults and sources of surface water inflow in collection systems.  Superior Smoke Fluid is both a high quality and economically priced fluid.  All Superior Signal Smoke Blowers are engineered for smoke testing, Superior Smoke Fluid Systems use a proprietary double insulated heating chamber with stainless steel injector to maximize dry smoke output and produce the best quality liquid-based smoke.  Superior Smoke Fluid and Blowers are all made in the USA.


The most cost-effective way to find Leaks in plumbing, drain, vent, and collection systems, the Superior Smoke Testing Technique has been the Industry Standard in Smoke Testing since 1961. The Professional choice, Superior® Smoke meets WEF and NASSCO standards, and is widely used in tests to meet EPA, ASHRAE, OSHA and NFPA standards. 



Superior Signal Company LLC


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Superior Signal Company LLC

Superior Signal Company manufactures Smoke Candles, Smoke Fluid and Smoke Blowers for testing Municipal Sewers and Residential/Commercial plumbing.  The Superior® 5E Electric Smoker offers a fast and easy solution to find odors and faults in residential and commercial plumbing systems.  Smoke Testing sewers is the most cost effective to find leaks and sources of surface inflow.  Developed over 60 years ago, The Superior Smoke Testing Technique remains the industry standard today.  Made in USA.

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