Find Plumbing Leaks and Sources of Odor with the Superior® 5E Electric Smoker

Feb 14, 2019 - Old Bridge, NJ


The Superior® 5E Electric Smoker offers a cost-effective solution to find difficult leaks and odors in residential and commercial plumbing systems.  Connect blower to any plumbing cleanout or vent, and use appropriate size smoke candle to force smoke through faults and cracks, easily identifying sources of odor and hard to find leaks.  Smoke tests take just minutes to perform, and see immediate results with this simple and convenient solution. 


Use with a 1A or 2B Superior® Smoke Candles which create 4,000 or 8,000 Cubic Feet of smoke respectively.  Superior® Smoke candles are also sold in convenient SealPac® cans which extend shelf life. 


Find Sources of Odor – anywhere a Smell can go the Smoke will go too.  Find sources and causes of Odors in just minutes that might otherwise take days to find.  Smoke Testing is an effective technique to find odors and many other faults throughout the building plumbing, the septic system, and even the leach field. 


Find Plumbing Faults & Test New Plumbing – quickly find cracked or broken pipes, nail or screw damage, bad connections, improper venting, open pipes or fittings, dry traps, and improper hookups.  Smoke Testing can often be used as a Primary Test for new plumbing, or as a secondary test to locate leaks and problems quickly and easily after a failed water or pressure test.


Made in the USA, the Superior® 5E Electric Smoker comes complete with 8’ industrial grade flex-hose, weighs just 8 pounds, and requires no maintenance.  Used with economical Superior Smoke Candles, this cost-effective solution for hard to find odors, leaks and other faults in residential and commercial facilities has no equal.



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Superior Signal Company LLC

Superior Signal Company manufactures Smoke Candles, Smoke Fluid and Smoke Blowers for testing Municipal Sewers and Residential/Commercial plumbing.  The Superior® 5E Electric Smoker offers a fast and easy solution to find odors and faults in residential and commercial plumbing systems.  Smoke Testing sewers is the most cost effective to find leaks and sources of surface inflow.  Developed over 60 years ago, The Superior Smoke Testing Technique remains the industry standard today.  Made in USA.

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