Summit Proof! Mobility™

Jan 03, 2019 - Antioch, CA


New Software from Ritam Technologies: Summit Proof! Mobility™


Ritam Technologies, LLC, announces pending release of new product: Summit Proof! Mobility™ (“Mobility”). As an add-on to Summit Service System™, this new software allows supervisors and technicians to go completely mobile and paperless while staying in touch!


Mobility solves several critical issues for service companies:

  • Simplicity of training new employees on job management tasks
  • Assignment of jobs to technicians
  • Sharing of work order details with technicians
  • Voice navigation to each job, disposal site, or fueling station
  • Managing service status of each job
  • Managing status of each technician
  • Audit time usage of each technician
  • Visual map views of all jobs to better manage workflow
  • Supervisor mobile views of schedules for any day, each with map views
    • Technicians
    • Vehicles
    • Equipment
  • Resource allocation and management
  • In-field paperwork completion and payment receipt with emailed invoices and receipts


With Mobility, supervisors have more “hands on management” without the need to be physically present at each job. Technician emergencies and requests for assistance are managed by instant email or text of pre-determined messages, making for ease of supervision and attention where needed in timely manner. No typing is required in the field; just select the appropriate options, and tap to send.


Additionally, Mobility manages customer contacts in a similar manner with instant messages. So whether en route, running late or even early, completing service, running into complications, or needing to reschedule, customers remain “in the loop”, even when they are not on site. Again, no typing is required by the technician. Select options and tap to send.


As any action is taken regarding any job, the status is updated and shown instantly on the job status overview map. Further, changes in technician status (disposal or fuel run, vehicle or equipment failure, injury, or requiring assistance) are also monitored, allowing for more granular control of field actions and emergency task assignments.


There are two licensing options for Mobility, according to the type of access to job details desired. Limited Access shows basic job information and allows changes only to the dispatch comments. Enhanced Access, depending upon the technician assigned, allows viewing expanded job information or possibly changing the data. For owner/operators or highly trusted technicians, job paperwork may be completed in the field using Enhanced Access, including remote payment collection, even without a credit card swiper, while retaining security. Invoices and receipts may be emailed, further maintaining the paperless approach.


Summit Proof! Mobility™ is best used in combination with the new Summit Service Customer Web Portal™ add-on option. Together, they bring a top to bottom paperless and online availability to your service business. Improve customer service to levels previously only dreamed of, including 24/7 customer access to account changes, making payments, submitting service requests, and viewing service history. Reduce or eliminate most customer service telephone calls! Get paid and collect orders while you sleep!


Summit Proof! Mobility™ for Summit Service System™ - The winning combination!
• Simple • Efficient • Powerful • Mobile • Online • • • Since 1981


Free download of Summit Proof! Mobility™ from Google Play and the Apple App Store!


For more information, contact Ritam Technologies,, 800-662-8471 or 925-478-2732. Web: WWETT Show Booth: 4312


Brought to you by

Ritam Technologies, LLC


  • Portable Restrooms
  • Roll-Offs, Debris Boxes
  • Septic, Sewer & Drain, Grease
  • And More

Software that is simple, efficient, powerful, mobile, and online.

Simple – Intuitive; 5 options

  • Lite to start out
  • Plus to expand
  • Pro for billing, accounting
  • Deluxe expands reporting, functions
  • Premium bundles mobile

Efficient Productive immediately

  • Single point of entry
  • Organized screen tabs
  • Calendar dispatch, map views
  • Auto calculations
     - Pro-rations
     - Sales tax
     - Billing cycles
     - Auto-repeat and reminders
  • QuickBooks® tie-in, et al

Powerful – Feature filled

Route trail view, master map

  • One-touch
     - Google® maps!
     - Route optimizing!
     - Credit card payment!
  • Route trail view, master map

Mobile – Of course

  • Paperless operation
  • Voice Nav
  • Job details
  • Map all techs + jobs
  • Proof of service
  • Invoice & receipt emailed
  • Bar-code & QR-code scan

Online – Customer service 24/7!

  • Account edit
  • Payment
  • Service request
  • Service history

Simple • Efficient • Powerful • Mobile • Online • • • Since 1981

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