Summit Service Customer Web Portal™

Jan 03, 2019 - Antioch, CA


New Software from Ritam Technologies: Summit Service Customer Web Portal™


Ritam Technologies, LLC, announces release of a new product: Summit Service Customer Web Portal™ (“the Portal”). As an add-on to Summit Service System™, this new software allows customers to go online or use their mobile devices for 24/7 access to key customer service tools!


Customers may perform these functions:

  • View and change account settings
  • Review balances and invoices
  • Print invoices and statements
  • Make payments
  • Submit service requests
  • View service history

As a result, companies may extend their customer service capabilities around the clock and simultaneously reduce personnel time on telephone calls and emails. Further, payments from customers may be entered anytime, including after office hours and on weekends without the need for office personnel data entry.


Data within the Summit Service System™ is updated as the customer accepts their entries, and office personnel receive notifications the next business day. Any service requests may be passed onto supervisors for scheduling and confirmation, and payments received are noted in bank registers.


The Portal allows businesses to stay ahead of their competition by offering a greater level of customer service. For any modern business, these capabilities are becoming a necessity, and to not offer such services may lead to shrinking market share as customers look elsewhere to fill their needs.


With the Portal, paperless business operations are becoming one step closer and easier to implement for any company using Summit software. Start with the Summit Service System™, add the Portal immediately with little or no extra effort. When ready, technicians and supervisors can go fully mobile with the Summit Proof! Mobility™ add-on and become totally paperless! Order placing → Scheduling → Servicing → Billing → Receiving Payment (all without paper!)


Summit Service Customer Web Portal™ - The leading edge of a leading business!
• Simple • Efficient • Powerful • Mobile • Online • • • Since 1981


Free download of Summit Proof! Mobility™ from Google Play and the Apple App Store!


For more information, contact Ritam Technologies,, 800-662-8471 or 925-478-2732. Web: WWETT Show Booth: 4312



Brought to you by

Ritam Technologies, LLC


  • Portable Restrooms
  • Roll-Offs, Debris Boxes
  • Septic, Sewer & Drain, Grease
  • And More

Software that is simple, efficient, powerful, mobile, and online.

Simple – Intuitive; 5 options

  • Lite to start out
  • Plus to expand
  • Pro for billing, accounting
  • Deluxe expands reporting, functions
  • Premium bundles mobile

Efficient Productive immediately

  • Single point of entry
  • Organized screen tabs
  • Calendar dispatch, map views
  • Auto calculations
     - Pro-rations
     - Sales tax
     - Billing cycles
     - Auto-repeat and reminders
  • QuickBooks® tie-in, et al

Powerful – Feature filled

Route trail view, master map

  • One-touch
     - Google® maps!
     - Route optimizing!
     - Credit card payment!
  • Route trail view, master map

Mobile – Of course

  • Paperless operation
  • Voice Nav
  • Job details
  • Map all techs + jobs
  • Proof of service
  • Invoice & receipt emailed
  • Bar-code & QR-code scan

Online – Customer service 24/7!

  • Account edit
  • Payment
  • Service request
  • Service history

Simple • Efficient • Powerful • Mobile • Online • • • Since 1981

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