Three new software versions for Service businesses from Ritam Technologies

Jan 03, 2019 - Antioch, CA


Summit Service Reminders™ Lite editionSummit Service Dispatch™ Lite edition, and Summit Service Reminders Plus Dispatch


New Software Versions from Ritam Technologies, LLC:

  1. Summit Service Reminders™ Lite edition
  2. Summit Service Dispatch™ Lite edition, and
  3. Summit Service Reminders Plus Dispatch


Ritam Technologies, LLC, announces release of three new, much anticipated software versions.

The first new software version is Summit Service Reminders™ Lite edition (“Reminders Lite”). Existing users have long benefited by reminder cards, labels, and call-back reports in their ability to retain business and maintain their competitive edge. Reminders Lite now adds options for:

  • Emailing
  • Text messaging
  • Notices of service appointments
  • Auto-repeat
  • 30 customer-defined fields, with 10 each for
    • Customer screen
    • Job site screen
    • Work order screen


Customers may choose the settings that suit their needs, including 24-hour or 48-hour notices of their up-coming appointments. The rest is automatic, transforming your business into a job capturing, work order generating, revenue producing machine.


With the new auto-repeat feature, fast turn-around jobs can be managed directly. New work orders scheduled automatically as the current jobs are completed. This avoids the possibility of ever missing a repeat job. Once a customer, always a customer, with Reminders Lite.


The second new software version is Summit Service Dispatch™ Lite edition (“Dispatch Lite”), where the major new feature is drag and drop calendar appointment management. Appointments take into consideration start time and duration expected, which may be expanded or dragged and dropped onto another technician with ease.


Businesses may better manage resources by

  • Assigning up to three technicians per job
  • Tracking vehicle appointments
  • Tracking special equipment appointments
  • Visually identifying scheduling conflicts and quickly resolving
  • Simplified customer and order entry
  • Auto-repeat feature (as described for Reminders Lite)
  • Instant maps of all jobs
    • By day for all technicians
    • By day for all vehicles
    • By day for all equipment
    • For the week for all technicians


Dispatch Lite is the program to get your business on track with schedules and resource management.


The third new software version is the combination of the two Lite editions in Summit Service Reminders Plus Dispatch™ (“Reminders Plus Dispatch”). For those businesses that have resource management concerns (scheduling) and want to capture and retain more business, this is the ideal product. It combines the features described above for the Lite programs and adds features for more detailed work order history.


Reminders Plus Dispatch is one step away from the robust Summit Service System™, which adds billing, accounting, additional customer and work order features, plus mobile and online options. Upsizing retains all existing data, so there is no lost effort. And your investment is further protected as you upsize; ask for details.


Summit Service Reminders™ Lite edition – The essential software for any Service business!

Summit Service Dispatch™ Lite edition – The essential software for resource management!

Summit Service Reminders Plus Dispatch™ - Essential tools for dynamic Service business!


• Simple • Efficient • Powerful • Mobile • Online • • • Since 1981


For more information, contact Ritam Technologies,, 800-662-8471 or 925-478-2732. Web: WWETT Show Booth: 4312

Brought to you by

Ritam Technologies, LLC


  • Portable Restrooms
  • Roll-Offs, Debris Boxes
  • Septic, Sewer & Drain, Grease
  • And More

Software that is simple, efficient, powerful, mobile, and online.

Simple – Intuitive; 5 options

  • Lite to start out
  • Plus to expand
  • Pro for billing, accounting
  • Deluxe expands reporting, functions
  • Premium bundles mobile

Efficient Productive immediately

  • Single point of entry
  • Organized screen tabs
  • Calendar dispatch, map views
  • Auto calculations
     - Pro-rations
     - Sales tax
     - Billing cycles
     - Auto-repeat and reminders
  • QuickBooks® tie-in, et al

Powerful – Feature filled

Route trail view, master map

  • One-touch
     - Google® maps!
     - Route optimizing!
     - Credit card payment!
  • Route trail view, master map

Mobile – Of course

  • Paperless operation
  • Voice Nav
  • Job details
  • Map all techs + jobs
  • Proof of service
  • Invoice & receipt emailed
  • Bar-code & QR-code scan

Online – Customer service 24/7!

  • Account edit
  • Payment
  • Service request
  • Service history

Simple • Efficient • Powerful • Mobile • Online • • • Since 1981

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