Summit Route Management™

Jan 03, 2019 - Antioch, CA


Ritam Technologies, LLC, announces pending release of new product: Summit Route Management™, Lite edition (“Route Management”), specifically designed for those who do not require replacement of their billing system but need to improve their route management functions.

Summit Route Management™ provides companies major benefits, such as:

  • Ease of entry and data changes
  • Customers, job sites, equipment, and service schedules – all in one place
  • One-click Google® map (or Bing!, MapQuest, OpenStreet, as you prefer)
  • One-click route optimizing (built-in, not external)
  • One checkbox to manage “stop services”
  • Daily route trail maps
  • Master map view is color-coded for all routes, jobs, and days
  • Built-in disposal runs (end of day or after each rolloff service)
  • Odd-frequency services managed (two weeks, monthly, etc.)
  • Extra services as needed
  • Delivery and pickup routes, not just services

As a Lite edition product, pricing is very affordable, but the features far exceed expectations. Route Management may be paired with Summit Proof!™ for bar-code scanning, inventory management, and customer proof of service messaging. Additionally, Route Management data can be taken on the road with mobile devices (Android or iOS) when a company is ready to go mobile and paperless.


Existing data in Excel®, QuickBooks®, and other formats may be easily brought into Summit Route Management™ for minimal labor cost. Users will instantly have access to the dynamic database structure of Route Management and take advantage of the benefits listed above, plus much more.

Route Management may be upsized to the robust Summit Rental System™ to incorporate billing, accounting, and inventory control. Data remains intact, and there is no lost effort to upsize. Your investment is further protected as you upsize; ask for details.


Summit Route Management™ - For instant route efficiency!
• Simple • Efficient • Powerful • Mobile • Online • • • Since 1981


Free download of Summit Proof!™ from Google Play and the Apple App Store!


For more information, contact Ritam Technologies,, 800-662-8471 or 925-478-2732. Web: WWETT Show Booth: 4312

Brought to you by

Ritam Technologies, LLC


  • Portable Restrooms
  • Roll-Offs, Debris Boxes
  • Septic, Sewer & Drain, Grease
  • And More

Software that is simple, efficient, powerful, mobile, and online.

Simple – Intuitive; 5 options

  • Lite to start out
  • Plus to expand
  • Pro for billing, accounting
  • Deluxe expands reporting, functions
  • Premium bundles mobile

Efficient Productive immediately

  • Single point of entry
  • Organized screen tabs
  • Calendar dispatch, map views
  • Auto calculations
     - Pro-rations
     - Sales tax
     - Billing cycles
     - Auto-repeat and reminders
  • QuickBooks® tie-in, et al

Powerful – Feature filled

Route trail view, master map

  • One-touch
     - Google® maps!
     - Route optimizing!
     - Credit card payment!
  • Route trail view, master map

Mobile – Of course

  • Paperless operation
  • Voice Nav
  • Job details
  • Map all techs + jobs
  • Proof of service
  • Invoice & receipt emailed
  • Bar-code & QR-code scan

Online – Customer service 24/7!

  • Account edit
  • Payment
  • Service request
  • Service history

Simple • Efficient • Powerful • Mobile • Online • • • Since 1981

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