Summit Service System™

Jan 03, 2019 - Antioch, CA


Ritam Technologies, LLC (“Ritam”), announces release of new software version: Summit Service System™ (“Service System”). Based upon nearly 30 years of experience with the septic, drain cleaning, grease collection, and plumbing industries, this new version improves on all of the best ideas developed over time and has capabilities for mobility and online add-ons. Companies may not be completely paperless in their interactions with customers and have better control than previously!

Unlike some software providers for the industry, who maintain their core technology and structure throughout its product use, Ritam has developed this product from the ground up. With new technology and tools available today, Ritam felt that reinvesting in the industry was the best way to utilize the most robust database available for data integrity, ease of use, and flexibility. A new crop required a new seed.

The new Service System is

  • Simpler to use
  • Better organized and efficient
  • Easier to train new employees
    • More robust​​
    • Data integrity cross-checks built-in
    • Handles unlimited amounts of data
      • Unlimited customers
      • Unlimited job sites for each customer
      • Unlimited work orders for each job site, etc.
    • Multi-company division, multi-branch with consolidated reporting options
  • More powerful
    • Calendar dispatching with instant map views
      • By technician
      • By vehicle
      • By special equipment
    • Drag and drop calendar flexibility
    • Weekly map overviews of scheduled jobs
  • Mobile capable, built-in (details below)
  • Online capable, built-in (details below)


Familiar features for service reminders and auto-repeat of contractual services are retained within the Service System, but additional capabilities have been added for:

  • Emailing
  • Text Messaging
  • 24-hour and 48-hour advanced notices


When combined with Summit Proof! Mobility™ (See separate Press Release.), companies can be completely mobile and paperless! Depending upon access level granted technicians, they may view limited information or have complete access to the work order details and history, even the ability to complete job “paperwork” in the field along with mobile payment processing! All the while, the office and supervisors monitor street-level maps showing all jobs and current status. Technicians also benefit from voice navigation and instant messaging to customers and supervisors, informing of timing, service completion, issues that arise, etc.


Another option for the Service System is expanding customer service with 24/7 online access. This further enhances the “paperless” approach, attracting a new segment of customers to the business. Called the Summit Service Customer Web Portal™, customers and job supervisors may securely log in (from any device) to:

  • Review and adjust account settings
  • Review and print invoices and statements
  • Make payments
  • Request service for any job or new jobs
  • View service history


Summit Proof! Mobility™ and Summit Service Customer Web Portal™ may be added to the Summit Service System™ at any time. Deluxe and Premium editions of the Service System will also be available summer 2019, along with a new Summit Service Corporate Reporting™ add-on module.


With Summit Service System™, a small company can be as efficient as a large company, and a large company can maintain control with metrics for timely management.


Summit Service System™ - Blazing new trails in mobility and customer service!
• Simple • Efficient • Powerful • Mobile • Online • • • Since 1981

Free download of Summit Proof! Mobility™ from Google Play and the Apple App Store!


For more information, contact Ritam Technologies,, 800-662-8471 or 925-478-2732. Web: WWETT Show Booth: 4312


Brought to you by

Ritam Technologies, LLC


  • Portable Restrooms
  • Roll-Offs, Debris Boxes
  • Septic, Sewer & Drain, Grease
  • And More

Software that is simple, efficient, powerful, mobile, and online.

Simple – Intuitive; 5 options

  • Lite to start out
  • Plus to expand
  • Pro for billing, accounting
  • Deluxe expands reporting, functions
  • Premium bundles mobile

Efficient Productive immediately

  • Single point of entry
  • Organized screen tabs
  • Calendar dispatch, map views
  • Auto calculations
     - Pro-rations
     - Sales tax
     - Billing cycles
     - Auto-repeat and reminders
  • QuickBooks® tie-in, et al

Powerful – Feature filled

Route trail view, master map

  • One-touch
     - Google® maps!
     - Route optimizing!
     - Credit card payment!
  • Route trail view, master map

Mobile – Of course

  • Paperless operation
  • Voice Nav
  • Job details
  • Map all techs + jobs
  • Proof of service
  • Invoice & receipt emailed
  • Bar-code & QR-code scan

Online – Customer service 24/7!

  • Account edit
  • Payment
  • Service request
  • Service history

Simple • Efficient • Powerful • Mobile • Online • • • Since 1981

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