Pipe Lining Supply adds a new Technical Representative in North Eastern USA

Nov 05, 2018 - PHILADELPHIA, PA


Pipe Lining Supply is pleased to announce the appointment of Augustus “Gus” Bozzano, II to the position of Technical Representative serving the north eastern USA.  Gus brings many years of plumbing and drain cleaning experience to the new position.  Gus will support Pipe Lining Supply’s customer base with training, advice and sales for CIPP lateral lining and AIPPR pipe coating projects for drain, waste and vent in the Philadelphia and surrounding areas.  Pipe Lining Supply is a leader in the manufacturing and distribution of materials and equipment used in the lateral sewer lining and DWV rehabilitation business.  The company was formed to support customers who need training and support as well as the equipment and materials to rehabilitate aging sewer laterals and pipe to restore your pipes to LIKE new condition, extending pipe life 50+ years! 


Our goal is to serve the industry with a complete warehouse stocked with the best products at the lowest delivered cost on a timely basis. 


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Pipe Lining Supply, Corp.

Pipe Lining Supply is the single source supplier to the lateral sewer lining industry (CIPP) and offer the Quik-Shot System for your lateral lining equipment.  For materials we carry an assortment of liner tube for various applications in sizes and stock 2" through 8". Additionally we stock all three of the resin systems specified in the applicable ASTM & ANSI standards that apply to the industry. 

We've added Quik-Coating rehabilitation process for drain, waste and vent (DWV) piping in sizes from 1 1/2" through 8" pipe. This process uses a new process called AIPP (applied in place pipe) and uses a modified poly urea product to accomplish this process. 

We've also offer high speed drain cleaning machines and companion tools, allowing for cleaning much faster than conventional drain cleaning machines.

Training and Customer Support is our #1 priority.  We have a knowledgeable technical trainers to help you be successful out on the job site.

Call us at 888-354-6464 for more information.

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