NOWR - NOWRA One-Day Installer Class

Monday, February 17 from 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM « Back

This Installer Training Program is designed to convey nationally focused best practice standards for onsite wastewater treatment system installation processes as identified by industry stakeholders through an intensive national review process. These materials describe the essential knowledge, skills, and abilities professionals who install onsite wastewater treatment systems should possess. The sessions will include an Introduction to Onsite Systems, Safety, Soil and Site Concepts, Construction Materials and Techniques, Planning, Distribution, Watertight Piping and Tanks, Dosing Systems and Controls, Advanced Treatment and Soil Treatment Areas. The program promotes uniformity in practitioner training on installation practices and supports the credentialing of these professionals. 
Installation professionals who integrate best practice standards appropriately into their business models will have an advantage over their competition.  This program serves as a mechanism to move the industry one step closer to the goal of uniform installation practices while raising the level of expertise and industry professionalism.

1. Clarify the responsibilities of professional installers
2. Familiarize installers with standardized techniques and procedures for constructing or installing various onsite wastewater treatment system technologies
3. Promote uniform communication between professional installers and their clientele through the use of standardized terminology
4. Establish a benchmark for competency of installers and enhances the overall status of the onsite wastewater treatment profession

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