NAWT - NAWT One-Day Inspector Certification Course

Monday, February 17 from 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM « Back

During this course the nationally recognized NAWT Inspection Training and protocol will be covered.  The approach for a NAWT Inspection is from the perspective that this activity is the start of managing on-site systems so they are sustainable for the long-term and provide viable solutions to wastewater problems.  The discussion will cover all aspects of what an on-site wastewater treatment system is, how it works and what constitutes a failure for an OWTS.  The inspection protocol that is covered is used in many states across the county for their Time of Sale, Title Transfer or Use Permit programs. At the end of the day each participant will take a comprehensive 50 questions (true/false, multiple choice) exam.  Upon completion you will receive a NAWT Certificate of Completion. 

Materials provided include the NAWT Basic and Inspection Manuals and copies of the PowerPoint slides in handout format.

1. Discuss why inspection is the first step to management
2. Determine Waste Water Flows
3. Inspect sewage tanks and evaluate conventional gravity systems
4. Inspect and evaluate pump systems, ATU’s and Media Filters.

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