TU02 - Technologies for Locating Underground Pipe and Buried Objects

Tuesday, February 18 from 7:30 AM to 8:30 AM « Back

This presentation will show an overview of current technologies used to locate underground pipe and objects. We will discuss some of the advantages and limitations of each type of equipment and offer a basic understanding of how each works. Equipment discussed will include metal detectors, ferromagnetic locators, RF based pipe and cable locators, internal pipe sonde transmitters, ultrasonic locators, and acoustic pipe locators. We will go into detailed training on the theory and best practices on Pipe and Cable locators and show various features available, when and why you would want or need them. We'll several discuss ways to detect non-metallic water and sewer pipe. Attendees will be shown best practices to installing and maintaining tracer wire systems and tips and tricks on using them. GIS mapping integration with underground locating will also be shown

1. Describe a variety of locating technologies along with advantages and limitations
2. Define several ways to locate non-metallic water and sewer pipe
3. Theory of how underground pipe locators work will be presented
4. Intelligently select a pipe locator with the features they need


Credits: See CEUs and Credits Tab

Education Tracks: Plumbers

Event Type: 60-minute Education Session > Session