TU15 - Technologies for Detecting and Pinpointing Water Line Leaks, and Managing Water Loss

Tuesday, February 18 from 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM « Back

We will present technologies available for leak detection, leak locating, and water loss management. Various products, technologies, and software will be shown to detect and pinpoint water line leaks. We'll demonstrate how to map & record leak activity and leak repair data into asset management and GIS software or other databases. We'll show the theory of each type of equipment and the advantages and limitations each has on certain types of leaks, pipe material, depth, pressure, and local soil or environmental conditions. We'll discuss the advantages of integration of historical leaks and repair history with GIS and asset management databases and software. Those in public sector will be able to better determine which technologies they can afford that will work for their size utility. Those in the private sector will be shown ways to detect and pinpoint leaks more accurately and efficiently. This presentation will be useful to both municipal utilities as well as those offering leak detection services to commercial, residential, and municipal clients.

1. Discuss various technologies available for leak detection and water loss management
2. Define which technologies work for various situations, types of leak, and the size of the utility or company
3. Advantages of a comprehensive water loss management program will be explained
4. Show how various technologies such as leak detection, GIS mapping, and Asset Management can be merged

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Education Tracks: Municipal Sewer and Water

Event Type: 60-minute Education Session > Session