TT02 - Technical Tour: Deep Rock Tunnel

Friday, February 22 from 12:30 PM to 2:00 PM « Back

Citizens Energy Group is constructing one of the largest infrastructure projects in the State of Indiana. They have already mined the entire first phase of the Dig Indy tunnel system, equaling over 9 miles. The tunnel is approximately 250 feet below the surface of Indianapolis, with a bore diameter of 20 feet, with a finished diameter of 18 feet, and will be 28 miles long when completed in 2025. This tour will offer a view of the second phase of the project that has recently started. You will be lowered 250 feet below the surface in a man cage with 10-15 other attendees, and then brought back to the surface.  Citizens is not allowing attendees to exit the man cage in the tunnel for safety reasons. An engineer from Citizens Energy Group will provide a verbal presentation on the project details.


All attendees must wear steel toed boots, hard hats and safety glasses.  Hard hats and glasses will be provided.


Weather:  This is outdoors.  Please dress accordingly.  In the event of high winds or lightning, this tour could be cancelled.


Note of caution:  if you tend to be claustrophobic, this tour might not be a good idea for you. 


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