WKSH5 - NOWRA Land Surveying Workshop for Septic System Installation and Location

Thursday, February 21 from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM « Back

Laser levels are must-have tools for septic system installers that allows one person to determine changes in elevation between two points. Installers also need to measure distances, determine areas, and create maps. These skills are fundamental to a successful installation. We depend on gravity to move wastewater from the house and through the treatment system. The elevation of each component and the distance between components must be determined to ensure that the appropriate slope will be provide along the treatment system. This session will focus on the tools and techniques of measuring elevations and distances during system installation, and for locating existing systems while providing service. We will also discuss mapping the system such to create an “As-Built” so that the components can be found by a future owner or service provider.  We will teach the proper operation of surveying instruments and the techniques of their use, learn what GPS can (and cannot) do relative to septic systems, and then demonstrate some basic mapping procedures. A septic system installation is not complete until we have good map of where the components are buried.

1. Discuss the science behind differential and profile leveling
2. Discover how to setup and operate basic surveying instruments
3. Layout a system using engineered-drawings
4. Create an as-built of a septic system that has just been installed, and how to use an as-built to find an existing system

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