Fibox Enclosures

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Fibox Enclosures is the market leader in NEMA 4X non-metallic, polycarbonate cabinets for protecting electrical and electronic components in hostile and hazardous environments.

Fibox products  are built with the water industry in mind, and provide high quality and reliability for every application. Manufactured with superior impact and UV resistance, Fibox enclosures are Wi-Fi friendly and remain watertight in even the most demanding locations.

With a size range of 2x2 inches to 32x24 Fibox has you covered!

Fibox offers cost effective customization services and CNC machining for modifying standard enclosures at the North American Headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland. Additionally, Fibox is a global supplier with  manufacturing facilities in the US, Finland, Germany, South Korea, and China with an extensive network of sales engineers worldwide.

Product Categories

Materials & Equipment

  • Cable/Cable Attachments


  • Pumps-Parts/Components

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